The Art and Science of

Being Human:

Integrating Mind, Body, and Spirit

Master Class


Calm Your Nervous System

Breath Fully and Easily

Access Inner Wisdom

Activate Inner Healing 

Deepen Your Relationship with Spirit 


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Class 1:

Living in a Body

Learn the perfect design of the human body as a vessel, a place of Embodiment; the place where Mind, Body, and Spirit converge. You'll learn the simplest and fastest way to get out of your head to stop stress and anxiety and meditate more easily with  guided experiences and daily practices to bring it into your life.




Class 2:

The Tree of Life


The Tree of Life concept and the perfect Design of the Human Being as a part of Nature.  How Trauma can be healed more deeply and completely and how to heal yourself every day and any time you need it. You'll learn a direct way to activate your Parasympathetic Nervous System and use it every day to stop stress and anxiety and heal yourself on many levels. You'll experience Stillness and Healing in a guided experiences.




Class 3:

Breath of Life

Learn about the Breath and the body's inherent capacity for healing itself. The guided experience in this class will include how to breathe fully and easily every day. The importance of breathing to the movement of Blood, the Lymphatic, and Nervous System, as well as other important aspects of your Health.  I'll guide you through practices to immediately use in your daily life to feel better in your body and optimize your Health every day.




Class 4:

Self Centering

An exploration into the Self and how it relates to who we are in the world. How to differentiate ourselves from external influences for clarity of Purpose. Immune System Vitality and our ability to care for and help ourselves when we need it.  Guided Experiences will help you to find your Center, your Higher Self. This practice will allow you to access Inner Wisdom and bring ease to decision-making. You'll learn how to Integrate these concepts into your daily life. 




Class 5:

The Nature of Spirit

This class is the Integration of Mind, Body, and Spirit and all you have learned to profoundly deepen and expand your Consciousness, Wholeness, Oneness, and sense of purpose. You'll learn to sense and relate to the amazing healing power of Nature, deepen your own personal relationship to Spirit, and act from a sense of the Truth of who You to feel more Health and Peace every day.



From Jacey:

This course is like no other and will give you the MISSING PIECE to bring it all together to truly feel GOOD every day in your life. It's about taking the simple steps to give yourself what we all deserve to be healthy happy Human Beings. The daily practices will empower you to HEAL yourself on many levels and truly TRANSFORM 

your life. 


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60 Day Access to The Art and Science of Being Human: Integrating Mind, Body, and Sprit

Inner Retreat Masterclass Includes:


5 Classes (in 30 minute sections to take in your own time and pace) to empower you to profoundly heal yourself on many levels and make all the work you've done really work.


1) Detailed teaching in lecture and slide format loaded with concepts that you can watch and listen to again and again to make the most of the material 

2) Guided Experiences

3) Daily Practice Exercises to help you to integrate the material into your life

4) Class Reflection Worksheets

5) Option to continue monthly access to everything for $29 as long as you need



Access to the Art and Science of Being Human Community

Connect and share experiences and successes with other course participants (optional).   


Live Group Meetups With

Dr. Jacey Goddard 

Ask questions and discuss course material in live group meetups (twice a month)




Continuing Education Credits:

10 Category 1B AOA Credits

10 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits

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Course Testimonials

Oh Jacey, Today's class helped ALL of the three decades of hard work I've done with Counselors, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Doctors, came together and I felt it begin to integrate within me.  I realized how VERY hard I've worked to compensate and then how VERY hard I've worked towards wellness.Today, I felt a HUGE inner sigh of relief and felt a new and beautiful peace.  All is well in a very new and different way.  I feel SO very tired and know that I don't have to hold myself together rigidly anymore; no more white knuckling it through a time of challenge. It has been exhausting!  It has been wonderful!! When I signed up for this course, I had a sense that "my time" was nearing.  My inner wisdom was so right. At first in our classes, I became emotional learning that "I always had the way", but had been so very, very unwell.  However I learned from your words that I had yet to "know the way".  I'd never been taught.  Class by class, I am learning "the way" and I know today quite fully that the Self within is a beautiful and perfectly created gem.

When I signed up to take Dr Jacey Goddard's course,  I hoped I might better know who I am.  With each class and my personal dedication to the Homework, I've learned far more than who I am.  I've learned how to fully BE who I am; how to be comfortable and calm BE-ing who I am.  I've experienced huge increases in my confidence and clarity; inner wisdom and peacefulness.  I've learned that there are numerous pathways to health within me already and now I know how to access and expand those pathways.  There is a new, deep sense of light within me and surrounding me.  I feel connected and integrated ~~ human and whole!  Dr Jacey's course and my personal embracing of each lesson has changed my life in a very beautiful way.  It's the perfect gift to one's Self! With deep, deep gratitude. 

I LOVED the class - and have been doing my homework all week - it’s a total life changer!!!

I’ve been working on healing for a while - from a childhood tainted by family dysfunction and dealing with sudden, traumatic loss as an adult. I experience the truth and power of dropping in, widening, and trusting in Health and Divinity more and more as my process unfolds. However, I often still feel a sort of fluctuation between those experiences and the pull of patterns formed long ago by trying hard to figure out how to feel safe within and a nebulous sense of being alone. I think/feel I have it and then there’s another meander to be explored. This course has helped me better recognize when old  patterns pull, heightened my awareness of Health, and given me a sense of hope and wonder at what else I might discover as I settle more deeply into me, just as I am. It has reinforced that I know what I know and will eventually be able to let go of trying so very hard! I believe that, wherever one may be on their path of healing, the concepts and tools from this course will play an integral part along the way to self-discovery, connection, and peace. Thank  you, Jacey. You teach with such grace and a lovely pace.